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Unleashing Potential

Explore the minds of industry innovators, influencers, and disruptors as Jeff Newkirk takes you on a journey of transformation and growth in the Game Changers Podcast.

Welcome to Jeff Newkirk's Game Changers Podcast, the platform that brings you inspiring conversations with the unsung heroes of our community. Each week, we dive into the stories of remarkable individuals who are changing the game uniquely. From social activists to innovative educators, local business leaders, and dedicated volunteers, we uncover how these Game Changers influence and improve our community.

Join Jeff Newkirk as he explores the journeys of these extraordinary individuals, shedding light on their passions, struggles, and triumphs. Discover what motivates them, learn from their wisdom, and get inspired by their determination to make a difference.

In the Game Changers Podcast, everyone has the potential to be a Game Changer. Tune in, be inspired, and discover how you can start positively impacting your community today. Because the world needs more Game Changers, and it starts with you.